Playlist 15.09.2009

Featured: John and Jehn Interview


- Barbara: Attendez Que Ma Joie Revienne
- Turzi: Buenos Aires  
“Graceful, gliding” – one of the best moments from second album, ‘B’. See our album review here. www.myspace.com/turzi
- The Konki Duet: Isolée
Actually a trio, Kumi, Zoe and Tamara released two albums on the excellent and now sadly defunct indie label Active Suspension. Their sound is still evolving from it’s beautifully fragile beginnings – the new ‘Ensemble’ EP (from which ‘Isolée’ is taken) features some of their poppiest choruses to date but also the near math-rocky ‘Le Riff’. You can check out some of Kumi’s solo stuff here as well.   www.myspace.com/thekonkiduet
- Titi Robin: La Petite Mer
 A track from the album ‘Gitans’, recorded in 1993 but finally released as a special edition in the UK, from the virtuoso gypsy/flamenco guitarist. www.myspace.com/thierrytitirobin
- Mamienco:La Petite Fatigue
Progressive fusion of chanson, rock, jazz and more, resulting in something close to what the French refer to as ‘rock festif’. Not always our favourite genre, but this is definitely a superior example. www.myspace.com/mamienco
- John and Jehn: You Make Your Mum Be Proud
A live favourite from the couple that has appeared in a variety of forms on demos but only officially (as far as we know) on the B-side of the ‘My Friends’ single. Read a previous interview here. www.myspace.com/johnjehn

- Kap Bambino: Blue Screen
Taken from the Bordeaux electo-shock duo’s ‘Blackout’ album – read our interview here.
- Housse de Racket: Synthetiseur
Another duo, the tennis-mad electro-pop-rockers have released their own favourite track from their debut album ‘Forty Love’, backed by various remixes from hip types like Das Glow and The Teenagers. www.myspace.com/houssederacket
- Jacques Dutronc: Je Suis Content
“Fuzz-drenched stunner” – see our album review here.
- Danger: 88:88 - Stage 3 'The Club'
Danger is an in-demand remixer, and crops up on the Because comp ‘Edges’, which rounds up several new French electronic artists. The French 2.0 sound is increasingly sounding like endless remixes of ‘Billie Jean’, but this is one of the busiest and best tracks. www.myspace.com/2emedanger