Playlist 22.09.2009

Featured: Le Prince Miiaou Interview


- Michel Polnareff: La Fille Qui Rêve de Moi


Need we say more...

- Titi Robin: Pundella

More from Titi. We're running a competition you see.

- Get Back Guinozzi!: Where Are You

Guinozzi's Eglantine Gouzy was already a Rockfort favourite for her peculiar, teasing 2006 album 'Boamaster'. GBG, signed to FatCat records, and which sees Gouzy team up with a five-piece band including guitarist Fred Landini, are a poppier proposition and their debut 'Carpet Madness' is a delight, throwing everything from The Cure to Lee Perry into the mix. www.myspace.com/getbackguinozzi

- Klub des 7: Pouilleux Massacreur

From the rap collective's second album, La Classe de Musique, reviewed here. www.myspace.com/leklubdes7

- Krazy Baldhead: Third Movement/Part One, Katana Powa (feat. Big-O and Mlle Yulia) 



One of the most interesting, ambitious artists on the Ed Banger label. Better than Justice we reckon, but the album seems to have been somewhat overlooked. www.myspace.com/krazybaldhead

- Le Prince Miiao: Our Tale

From the self-released second album 'Safety First', which has grown on us a lot. The full, unexpurgated interview is here. www.myspace.com/leprincemiiaou

- Jean-Pierre Massiera and Co: Plus Jamais Ça

Madness from 'French Joe Meek' (kind of...) Massiera, Hitler samples and all. From 'Psychoses Freakoïd (1963-1978)'.

- Air: So Light Is Her Footfall

From the forthcoming album 'Love 2'. One of us misread this and thought the title was 'So Light Is Her Football', which is obviously a much better title. www.myspace.com/intairnet

- Zak Laughed: Apologies Song

As with Leopold Skin below, an illustration of what's going on in the Clermont-Ferrand scene. And he's only, like, five years old or something. www.myspace.com/zaklaughed

- Leopold Skin: Wild Flowers


- EDH: Blue Disease

From a free-to-download release 'New York Tracks 2001-2002', which features some nice electronic doodles and lovely, melancholy synth-pop like this. A great stop-gap before we, hopefully, get another Hypo and EDH album to follow the genius 'The Correct Use of Pets'.