Playlist 29.09.2009

Featured: Get Back Guinozzi! Session  


The clip says it's 'Low Files Tropical' but this sounds like 'Jungely' to us...


- Montgomery: Baleine
Wistful album opener from the Rennes band’s second album ‘Stromboli’. Read our review here. www.myspace.com/chezmontgomery

- Minuscule Hey: Subterranean Homesick Blues
The Bordeaux duo with a skewed version of the Dylan classic, from the tribute album ‘Dylan Mania’. Our interview with the band is here. www.myspace.com/minusculehey

- The Fitzcarraldo Sessions: Les Mefiants (feat. Staurt Staples)
The Tindersticks crooner guests on a track that’s very, well, Tindersticks-y. Read our interview here. www.myspace.com/thefitzcarraldosessions

- Aqua Nebula Oscillator: Silvermoon
- Juan Trip: High America
Two slices of French rock that are heavily indebted to psychedelia (and in Juan Trip’s case, maybe baggy as well!). Both on Romain Turzi’s Pan European Recording label. The latter is from the compilation ‘Voyage: Facing the Future of French Modern Psychedelic Music’ that came free with copies of Turzi’s first album ‘A’. www.myspace.com/paneuropeanrecording
- Jeanne-Marie Sens: Tape Tape Tape
From the ‘Dirty French Psychedelics’ album.

- The Grief: Kyn
- Norscq: Il Est Etrange de Voir a Quel Point Les Gens Sont Disposes a Se Laisser Abuser Par Les Apparances Magiques de l'Art
Two tracks showcasing the work of producer Jean-Louis Morgère. Read our interview with him here. www.myspace.com/norscq