Playlist 13.10.2009

Featured: Guests - Graphic designer Atomic Jetman (aka Fabrice Couilerot) and blogger Will Kane discussing Gainsbourg and 60s/70s French pop culture


- Richard de Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta: La Drogue
- Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin: Le Pop Club
Ultra rare theme tune to the pop show presented by José Artur. Concise and groovy.
- Michel Legrand: O No Ma To Pe
The composer on top form for the soundtrack of La Dame Dans L'Auto Avec Des Lunettes Et Un Fusil.
- Clothilde: Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat
- Catherine Desmarets: Les Petits Croix

From 1967, a hilarious track about the wonders of computer dating. TV actress Catherine Desmarets (daughter of French Cinema great Sophie) is a perfect example of the insouciant, yet cheeky, approach that sets many of the French female singers of the time apart from their more demure British and brash American counterparts.
- Mireille Darc: Mireille
A bit of self-mythologising from the actress and model, who also sang Gainsbourg's very classy 'Helicopter'.

- Francois de Roubaix: Les Caïds

From 1972 and taken from the crime thriller of the same name, and recorded in de Roubaix’s home studio. De Roubaix was the first soundtrack composer to utilise such a set-up, and this synthesis of orchestral and electronic instrumentation is years ahead of its time. Sampled on ‘Pop Shots’ by DJ Premier and ODB.

- Gaynael: Romentale et Sentimentique

From 1970. File under "mystery". As seems to be a common trait with many of the artists associated with 'Swinging Mademoiselle/ Ultrachicks'compilations, (i.e. the less polished, underground artists from this period), Gaynael released two singles before disappearing again into obscurity and thus has proven frustratingly hard to locate any information upon. This uptempo, semi-baroque gememploys the witty word play common in many French songs of the period, most notably associated with Serge Gainsbourg.
With thanks to Will and Fabrice