Playlist 20.10.2009

Featured: Laetitia Sadier session


- Emily Loizeau: Sister
From the 'Pays Sauvage' album, getting its UK release on Bella Union. Read our interview here.
- Phantom feat Lio: Noir Violette
The latest comeback from the punky ‘Banana Split’ girl, this time with Belgian group Phantom. This is a neat, new-wave-y pastiche.
- Richard Swift: The Atlantic Ocean
Not actually French, but Laetitia’s new recording partner, so relevant.
- Joakim: Spiders
"Like a Ladytron B-side..." - intended as a compliment, we think. See our review here.
- Centenaire: Farmers Underground
"Propelled by thundering, ominous drums and rattling percussion" - see our review of the album, 'The Enemy', here.
See our review here.
- Momotte & Laetitia Sadier: J’ai Peur (De La Voiture)
The apparently now defunct Momotte (reincarnated to an extent as Aquaserge) joined forces with Ms. Sadier on this simultaneously laid back and frantic number. It’s the B-side of a single called ‘La Nouvelle Chanson Française’ which is a neat piss-take of… well, that should be obvious! According to Laetitia, the temperature was 9 degrees celcius in the studio when this was recorded.