Playlist 24.11.09

Featured: Interview with GaBLé


- Alain Souchon: La Ballade de Jim


- La Feline: Three Graces
Taken from a debut EP from a highly promising group. The PR has them as a cross between Christophe and Jacno. It's a kind of 'fire and ice' sound, where Morricone meets tingle-inducing synth sounds. Very nice. www.myspace.com/lafeline

- Lady & Bird: Ghost from the Past

From the album 'La Ballade of Lady & Bird: A Project By Keren Ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannssom', which was recorded live in Rejkjavik by the National Radio Of Iceland on June 5th 2008. We managed to play a track without Keren Ann actually singing on it - so largely un-French. Ah well! She was probably skulking around on stage somewhere.

- Gonzales: Slow Down (Minitel Rose Fast Dance Remix)
Hot off the press, a new remix of this honorary Frenchman by Valérie collective members Minitel Rose.
- Ferry 'Rock' Barendse: T’a L’Bonjour d’Alfred
A selection from this.
- Majiker: Guillotine
Not really French either, but a regular collaborator with Camille and based in Paris. This is from his debut album 'Body-Piano-Machine'. Those who have seen him with Camille on stage won't be too surprised that he makes lots of noises with his mouth. www.myspace.com/majiker
- François and the Atlas Mountains: Do You Do
A forthcoming session guest on Rockfort, François Marry arrived in Bristol as a French assistant and ended up collaborating with a whole host of local musicians. A lovely, bucolic track from the album 'Plaine Inondable'. www.kidfrancois.com
- Melanie Pain: Sans L’Ombre de Toi
From the Nouvelle Vague singer's debut, 'My Name'. Read our interview with her here.