Playlist 1.12.2009

Featured: Live session from François and the Atlas Mountains


- Lady and Bird: Liberty

Another track from the 'La Ballade of Lady & Bird : A Project By Keren Ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannssom' album - this time with Keren Ann on vocals.

- Lena: Circonstances, Variation 2

On the 'Circonstances, Variations 1-3' album, sound sculptor Mathias Delplanque turns in electronic dub reworkings of his own track 'Circontances'  from the 'Lost-Wax' album (credited to Lena and the Floating Roots Orchestra and featuring, intriguingly, a vocal contribution from Delicatessen's Neil Carlill... )

- Claire Denamur: La Mal Aimée 


This latest addition to France's ever-expanding ranks of nouveau chanson chanteurs and chanteuses manages to stand out a little thanks to her old-style, throaty delivery. www.myspace.com/clairedenamur

- Andy Emler Megaoctet: Réouverture et Postlude

Pianist Emler gets into some adventurous play with this 32-limbed jazz machine, just one of his constantly shifting/evolving formations. www.andyemler.com

- Franklin: Song for Tara

"Montpellierain Franck Rabeyrolles has merged billowy acid ‘n’ sun-fried West Coast song craft with analogue keyboard sounds, dubby effects and crisp electronic percussion" - read our full review here. www.myspace.com/franklinfranklinfranklin

- Speed Caravan: Galvanize


Yup, it's that 'Galvanize', given a steroid injection by this Franco-Algerian trio. www.myspace.com/speedcaravan

- The Narcoleptic Dancers: Rastakraut

The full story can be found on their myspace, but this half-brother-and-sister duo (French boy: Anton, Dutch girl: Melody) are apparently the children of a famed Dutch footballer Johnny Van Kappers, who played for AS Saint-Etienne for a season. To the best of our knowledge, this isn't true at all and 'The Narcopletic Dancers' are as manufactured as Gorillaz. But since we're not supposed to know this, it begs the questions of what anyone gains from this... one theory: revenue from advertising synchronization. www.myspace.com/narcolepticdancersband

- André Fandrel: Mademoiselle Rock n' Roll

Another rollicking track from this.