Lille Calling: When Rockfort Met 'La Marmite'

 On 13 June 2008 at the Windmill in Brixton, Rockfort hosted three acts from Lille: Jonaz, Lena Deluxe and Genjini. They are all supported by La Marmite, an organisation that promotes and aids the development of artists in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. Here, Rockfort is delighted to present images from the event  - better late than never! - and introduce three acts from the north of France.


After playing in a number of rockier formations, Jonaz has to devoted himself to hip-hop and has two self-produced albums under his belt. His track 'Cékika?' pondered 'Who voted for Sarkozy?'. Despite rapping in French (naturally) he managed to win over an audience largely composed of Brits through sheer force of personality.


Lena Deluxe

The duo's stripped-down, angsty garage rock was an undoubted hit, and singer/guitarist 'Lena' is no slouch as she also plays keyboards for Brisa Roche and is a member of indie-popsters Roken Is Dodelijk.



This compulsively danceable, punky electronic group is sadly no more - and in fact were already reduced to a duo by the time they got to Rockfort. The good news is that while one member of the group peeled off to form the poppier TV Glory, the spirit of Genjini lives on in Gachette of the Mastiff.


And finally...

Some of the Marmite crew... Jean Michel Lancelot (RIP)

Ludo ponders booking The Wankin' Noodles next year. Don't do it, Ludo!