Playlist 15.12.2009

Featured: Interview with Holden featuring the songs C’est Plus Pareil, La Machine, Madrid, Dès Demain, Ce Que Je Suis, Longue Est Ma Descente.


- 69: Rock’n’Latex

Discussed in our report on Les Transmusicales de Rennes, these two former members of Sloy deliver ten slices of skewed, danceable, post-punk influenced art-pop on their album 'Novo Rock', which is out in France next year. This is one such song. ww.myspace.com/spaceof69 

- Ray Bartok: No Panic
Another intriguing duo (is the duo the modern formation par excellence? You don't need a full band to get a full sound, and it's more economically viable when touring - not to mention emotionally if you're romantic involved...) Anyway Ray Bartok are JS Brosse and Phil Sirop, and this is their debut EP. They sample themselves as well as jazz, film soundtracks and classical, and come up with cranky, funky musical confections like this. Full album also out in the new year. The designer of the excellent sleeve gives an insight into his methods here. www.myspace.com/raybartok

- Del Cielo: L'Orage

And another pairing - not romantically involved at all, they were at pains to tell us when we interviewed them in Rennes. Also mentioned here. This is a brief, tense essay from their 'Sous Les Cendres' album. www.myspace.com/opendelcielo 

- Vladimir Bozar ‘N’ Ze Sheraf Orkestär: Panzoni Pasta 
This lot are the satanic fruit of the union of two different bands: Frank Zappa covers group The Children of Invention and Jean-Paul Trash, and they've recorded with Secret Chiefs 3 (aka musicians from Mr Bungle, Faith No More and John Zorn's band). They throw everything at the wall, and then some. Here's a live version of 'Panzoni Pasta'. Nutters. www.myspace.com/vladimirbozar
- Osni: Meeting Love
Influences include The Last Shadow Puppets, Raveonettes, Jesus and Mary Chain and Pulp, so you know you're getting some stylised, bubblegum-noir here. This is the best song from their album 'Last Faith'. And that's it for the current series! www.myspace.com/osni