Sexy Sushi: Seriously

The Nantes duo, who have recently released a new album, 'Cyril', are not the most straightforward interviewees. The questions didn't help much either! Welcome back Rebeka Warrior and Mitch Silver...

Rockfort: How is Cyril doing?
MS: Cyril’s doing ok, but generally he’s not in great health because of his liver.
RW: Christ, I’m so hot, is this heat a killer or what?
Rockfort: Do you write songs before or after breakfast
MS: I make music in the morning at around 11am and often in the evening at around 5pm before my wife comes home from work.
RW: This afternoon I think I’m going to go and see the Dynasty exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.
Rockfort: You performed at Glastonbury Festival recently. What can you tell us about the experience? How did the audience’s respond? What did you think of the festival?

MS: What I recall most about Glastonbury is the toilets, a real paradise. Otherwise the English audiences are very polite. It was too hot to sleep in my tent at 7am and my neighbours were making love in Spanish.
RW: I’m also going to have an Italian ice cream. Chocolate?
Rockfort: What’s new with your live performance?

MS: We’ve got a new banner, an executioner and a PAR can. The combination of these little accessories makes for a mystical show.
RW: Yesterday I watched Gattaca again. In fact during the flight back from Slovakia I was listening to the soundtrack by Michael Nyman and it made me want to re-watch the film. I remembered finding the whole thing with the hair a bit rubbish the first time round but I enjoyed it. Just like that, one day you like something that you hate the next day. I also wondered what’s happened to Ethan Hawke? He directs films now, doesn’t he?
Rockfort: What’s your attitude to political correctness?

MS: I’ve always been to vote to I think I’m pretty correct, politically.
RW: There are still six or seven dates to go on the Cyril tour and I’m beat. When I think that Mitch nearly killed me the other night! Do you realise that, Mitch? I saw my life flash before my eyes… seriously, my head came so close to the corner of the table that I thought we were going to re-enact the Trintignant-Cantat incident. I swear, if you injure me you’ll pay for it big time!
Rockfort: What's your opinion on fox hunting?

MS: I'm pretty much in favour and I think you Brits should take up hunting again.
RW: When I lived in Manchester, at night we’d see the foxes rooting around in the bins. The Mancunian foxes live on a diet of fish and chips.
Rockfort: Has Rebeka missed her train train today?

MS: Once she made me miss a plane and I can tell you I was pretty incensed.
RW: As a result they’re big and fat. They like football and drink Bud! I like Manchester, it reminds me of my home town of St Nazaire. They’re both beautiful towns. Moscow was a lovely place too. We were lucky enough to play there and to stay on for a bit. I like the imposing buildings. But I still prefer the industrial charm of St Nazchester.
Rockfort: What is your favourite French dish? Who cooks the dinner, Mitch or Reby?

RW:The ‘blanquette de veau’. I cook, Mitch cleans.

MS: And I like drinking a small glass of red wine while the guy from EDF reads the meter. 
Rockfort: How do you feel about adultery?

MS: I only watch porn channels in hotels.

RW: Ahhhh how I’d love to be in St Brevin today. We’d play a little table tennis beneath the pines. And maybe I’d get my hammock out.
Rockfort: You are something of a phenomenon in France. Can you explain it?

MS: Naturally, it’s because I’m a total arsehole from the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.
RW: I’m happy to go to the Dynasty exhibition but I would have preferred table tennis. We can’t always do what we want, as my aunt would say.
Rockfort: Who would you like to see as the next president of France and why?
MS: Pierre Bérégovoy is a pretty cool guy.

RW: I’m completely uninterested in politics. But then again only very few things interest me.
Rockfort: What is wrong with Jean-Pierre Pernault?

MS: Nothing.

RW: No, Nothing at all.
Rockfort: How do you feel about the cultural policies of President Sarkozy’s government?

RW: Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff bing bang paf.

MS: The same?
Rockfort: Would you consider a collaboration with Mylene Farmer?

MS: I don’t mind Mylene Farmer at all actually.
RW: I like Mylene Farmer’s music. I would never make a big fuss about it but I have listened to it… and compared with other people she isn’t in your face all the time with her TV appearances, she’s pretty discreet… I prefer that. Discretion is a great quality that I don’t have.
Rockfort: What is your next project after this album?

RW: Killing someone.

MS: Having a holiday!
Interview by Ludovic Merle