Playlist 3.11.2010

Featured: The first show of the new series featured special guest Laetitia Sadier, just back from a tour and talking about her first solo album, 'The Trip'. The start of the show was hampered by strikes (but you won't get any carping about the strikers here) as both Laetitia and David arrived late, but we still managed to cover a fair bit of ground, and play some music too.


- Guess What: Out of Range

Instrumental duo who are appearing at the Rich Mix night on 19 November (and hopefully in for a session next week). You can read a review of the album here. www.myspace.com/leguesswhat

- Laetitia Sadier: One Million Year Trip

A song addressing her sister's suicide, the first track on 'The Trip'

- Holden: Mia


Firm Rockfort favourites. This is from their 'Fantomatisme' album. www.myspace.com/holdenfrance

- NLF3: Straight Forward

Slightly Stereolab-y track from the album 'Beautiful Is the Way to the World Beyond', reviewed here. www.myspace.com/nlf3

- Aquaserge: Bulles

A lounge-y selection from Laetitia, in which the band appear to serenade themselves. www.myspace.com/aquoisersje

- Laetitia Sadier: Un Soir, Un Chien

Another selection from 'The Trip'; a cover of this:


- Philippe Katerine: La Banane

We were on the subject of Katerine so we thought we'd play something from the new album. We haven't actually heard the whole thing yet (could someone send a copy please?). The songs we've encountered so far seem pretty throwaway, but Laetitia assures us that the record as a whole is excellent. www.myspace.com/katerinekaterine

- Laetitia Sadier: Summertime

We faded out with one more song from 'The Trip'. It's quite a well-known one.