Playlist 10.11.2010

Featured: Guess What's highly addictive sound mixes experimental drum loops and atmospheric bossa-jazz themes. They came into the Resonance studio for a live session and a chat.


- Oh La La!: Nu Dans Ton Jean

Natasha, former singer with Tricatel's house band AS Dragon, returns with a punchy, New Wave-y pop sound. www.myspace.com/natashaband

- Frank (Just Frank): Do The Soviet

The Cold Wave-inspired duo (interviewed here) with a track not on their 'The Brutal Wave' album. This features on a split EP with Italian group Soviet Soviet. www.myspace.com/frankjustfrank

- Vanessa Contenay-Quinones: Bon Bon Bon

Taking a break from her main project, Vanessa and the Os, V C-Q indulges in a flagrant tribute to 60s French pop and the yé-yé sound on the 'Allez Pop!' album. www.myspace.com/eternaleuropoprecords

- La Féline: Wolf and Wheel

The title track from the band's second EP proper. It's the closet in sound to the first EP, while the other tracks see them exploring new directions, to greatest effect on slow, hypnotic songs 'La Nuit Du Rat' and 'Coeur Bizarre'. www.myspace.com/lafeline

- Automatiq: J'aimerais Toujours

Some arch, disco-pop action from the Lille-based group. Here's the video: 


- Boogers: I Lost My Lungs

This nifty number about the smoking ban features on a new compilation of French indie bands who sing in English called... 'Do You Sing English?' www.myspace.com/musicboogers

- Ruth: Mabelle 

A slice of Fourth-World funk from the forthcoming reissue on Angular of a virtually forgotten synth-pop album released in 1985. A review will feature shortly on the site.