Playlist 17.11.2010

Featured: Singer-songwriter Florence Joelle, who mixes rockabilly inspirations, a little jazz and French chanson, and has a band featuring musicians from Gallon Drunk and The Flaming Stars.


- Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal: Chamber Music


Title track from this widely acclaimed collaboration between Bumcello cellist Vincent Segal and kora player Sissoko. 

- Oh La La!: Nu Dans Ton Jean

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- Sexy Sushi: La Fille a la Tête de Dinde


Our favourite provocative dance duo with a musically low-key (if lyrically vicious) song from the 'Cyril' album. www.myspace.com/sexysushimusic

- Donso: Mogoya

Appearing a this year's Transmusicales festival in Rennes, Donso is a four-piece who mix Malian music and electronic pop and is the brainchild of Ed Banger artist Pierre Antoine Grison aka Krazy Baldhead. www.myspace.com/donso

- Les Chats Renaissance: Bizarre

Sizzling psych-pop produced by Jean-Pierre Massiera. It can be found on the Finders Keepers compilation 'Midnight Massiera'.

- Jamaica: I Think I Like U2

Our reviewer wasn't very keen but Ludo likes it. www.myspace.com/ithinkilikejamaica

- Davy Sicard: Tsiloasana

The show ended with this choice from Florence Joelle. Sicard is a singer, multi-instrumentalist  and magnetic live performer from the Reunion island. ww.davysicard.com