Playlist 24.11.2010

Featured: Partial Gathering, a modern classical/experimental duo comprised of Ruaidhri Mannion and cellist Corentin Chassard


- Jeanne Moreau and Étienne Daho: Rocher de Granit Noir

A bit of spoken word to begin with, this comes from an album which sees the venerable actress and one of France's most charismatic pop stars come together to record a version of Jean Genet's 'Le Condamné à Mort', set to music. Genet's poem was dedicated to a 21-year-old murderer, Maurice Pilorge, who was executed in 1939. This isn't the first recording of it either - there's more info on an older version here.

- Bertrand Belin: Tout a Changé

Belin's 'Hypernuit' has been declared a masterpiece in some quarters. We wouldn't go quite that far; it's a mature, well-crafted and occasionally inspired fusion of chanson and American folk, and this is a standout track. www.myspace.com/bertrandbelin

- Jacques Brel: J'Arrive


Chosen by Ludo because he saw Juilette Gréco perform it recently in London - he couldn't lay his hands on anything by the lady herself, apparently.

- O!Jerome: The Last Time I Saw August

A solo excursion from Jérôme Orsoni, guitarist with group Rome Buyce Night, who shifts from atmospheric electro-acoustic, glitch n' guitar tunes like this and folk-pop songwriting on his solo album, 'Le Disque Est Un Manuscrit', on the Zero = Petit Intérieur label. www.myspace.com/ojeromeo

- Renaud: Hexagone


A classic chosen by Corentin from Partial Gathering.

- Mercury Quartet: Ruaidhri Mannion Mosaic Manifesto Remix

A group featuring Corentin from Partial Gathering, remixed by the other half of PT. Fine out more about Mercury Quartet here.

- Pevil Kinel: Vendredi

The session guest on the next show, from his 'Of Week Constitution' EP. www.myspace.com/kinelpevin