Playlist 1.12.2010

Featured: Pevin Kinel, an oddball improvising one-man band live in the studio.


- Arnaud Fleurent-Didier: Je Vais Au Cinema


Top sophisti-pop from the highly rated 'La Reproduction' which we reviewed here. www.myspace.com/arnaudfleurentdidier

- Manatee: The One

There are some interesting nu-gaze/dream pop bands emerging from France at the moment. Along with My Bee's Garden, Normandy's Manatee are one of the best. This comes from their debut EP 'Like a Small Animal'.www.myspace.com/mymanatees

- La Féline: David

Track two from the 'Wolf and Wheel' EP, dedicated to a Rockfort presenter (maybe...). www.myspace.com/lafeline

- M: A Celle Qui Dure

The mini funk maestro, selected by Pevin Kinel. Here's a live version. 


- ThoTho/Onze: Eol Et Leo

Another choice by Pevin Kinel, the music of a friend and one-time musical partner who has recently changed his name to Onze. www.myspace.com/thothospaced

- Les Marquises: Sound and Fury

A slow-building beauty from an album that we reviewed here. www.myspace.com/lesmarquises

- Florence Joelle: Kiss of Fire

Title track of the debut EP from a former session guest. www.myspace.com/flosmedicineshow