Playlist 8.12.2010

Featured: Shit Browne in the studio for an excitingly chaotic session.


- Ibrahim Maalouf: Pouh Hia


Based in France but of Lebanese origin, Maalouf straddles the world of jazz, classical music and pop - he's collaborated with Sting (don't let that put you off), Elvis Costello and Vincent Delerm. 'Pouh Hia' is a tasty slice of electro jazz topped with infectious chants. www.myspace.com/ibrahimmaalouf

- Ray Bartok: My Hack

Bit of an exclusive, from the duo's rich and strange debut album which has been mixed by ace producer Norscq. It's out early next year. www.myspace.com/raybartok

- From & Ziel: 4 Murs, 4 Planches

Hardcore, throaty French Chanson - you need a strong constitution for this. www.myspace.com/fromziel

- Tahiti 80: Solitary Bizness (Indian Spirit Remix)

A first selection from Shit Browne - their own remix of the single from Xavier Boyer's blue-eyed, pop-soulsters.

- Mondkopf: Bain Du Matin


A top choice from Shit Browne. We reviewed the album here.


- Dorian Pimpernel: The Mimeograph


Last choice from SB, and the connection is that two members of the band are in the very Stereolab/early Broadcast-y DP. www.myspace.com/dorianpimpernel

- Ferry 'Rock' Barendse: T'as L'Bonjour Alfred

To finish, a swinging cut from this.