Playlist 15.12.2010

Featured: La Corda interview recorded at Les Trans Musicales de Rennes 2010.


- Manatee: Blind Night Travel

Opening track from the Caen group's debut 'Like a Small Animal' EP (we also played 'The One' from this on 1.12.2010). There will be more on the site about this group soon. www.myspace.com/mymanatees

- Kyrie Kristmanson: The Holy

Beautiful (and somehow slightly sinister) song from one of our artists of the year. Here's an acoustic version.www.myspace.com/kyriekristmanson


- Lena Deluxe: Reeperbahn

A song about living the rock n' roll dream, and a more synth-pop inflected number from the new model LD. Here it is live. www.myspace.com/lenadeluxe

- La Corda: Progress No Progress/Sailor

Two from the featured band on the show. A transcript of the interview with singer Kate Fletcher will be up on the site soon. www.myspace.com/delacorda

- Marvin: Dirty Tapping

A band we missed in the Bars En Trans festival and then wished we hadn't when we actually heard their music. www.myspace.com/marvinband

- Donso: Djama

Another tasty morsel from the Franco-Malian alliance overseen by Ed Banger's Krazy Baldhead. www.myspace.com/donso

- Lucienne Delyle: Mon Amant de Saint-Jean


Nothing to with Les Trans at all, but this was a nice way to sign off the last show of the year.