Mina Tindle: Mina Tindle


The press release accompanying the second EP from the Parisian singer-songwriter mentions Nico, Nina Simone and Robert Johnson. She’s “situated somewhere between Karen Dalton, Caetano Veloso [who she’s covered] and Dirty Projectors”. This should be pretty dark stuff, so it’s a surprise that the opening cut “To Carry Many Small Things” is a sunny, straightforward, up-tempo, syncopated pop song.
Once your expectations are dashed, Mina Tindle is buried under the hyperbole. Elsewhere the press release waxes about her having sung with The National and Gaetan Roussel. Her patron is Les Innocents’s JP Nataf. But what about Mina Tindle?
The EP’s third cut, 'Echo', seems to be where she wants to go. A downbeat acoustic meditation coloured with strings, it’s not too far from our own fat-free Laura Marling. 'Henry' is another sparse modern singer-songwriter outing with an arrangement that echoes the Kutu Folk label’s Delano Orchestra. A version of Daniel Johnson’s “Some Things Last A Long Time” is sung with empathy but, again, it’s hard to figure out who this is. Whatever the role of Nataf, this is edge free and in direct contrast with the picture the PR is trying to paint. There’s no blues, soul or gospel, nothing Brazilian. Dirty Projectors? Eh? She is getting a push and her debut album is due early next year. As her calling card doesn’t tell us, perhaps we’ll find out who she is then.
Kieron Tyler