Tazio And Boy: Winter In The Room


Tazio and Boy are a duo – Tazio and the boy – from Saint-Nazaire, in the Loire on the French Atlantic coast. Winter In The Room is on their own imprint, Humpty Dumpty Records. They're also behind My Little Cab, the label that homes Rennes's Missing Season.
All of which broadly hints where Tazio and Boy are coming from. Inspired by America, rather than the music of France, Winter In The Room is assured and atmospheric, with clear nods to Low, Galaxie 500 and an intimately desiccated Americana.
Arriving at this point appears to have been a journey strewn with twists and turns. Not only do Tazio and Boy have more than one label, they’ve let countless (well, at least 14) CD-Rs into the world. Their last album was compiled from these, so Winter In The Room is their first album proper.
Over Winter In The Room’s 15 tracks, all sung in English, Tazio and her Boy are concerned with the missing, the lost and endings. The album opens with the sparse, stately and shimmering 'No Birds' where Boy declares that “winter [is] all around in my head”. It’s followed by the title track. A 'Sad Old Photograph', a 'Lonely River' and 'Isolation' crop up on this particular journey. The album seems to be a travelogue, leading to 'The Way Home' via the river, through a landscape with dead flowers. Instrumentation is mainly acoustic, coloured by strings, glockenspiel and accordion. A gentle glitchiness hints towards Mũm. The mood is grey, hazy. With, for example, the similarly inclined Lanterns On The Lake attracting attention on Bella Union, Tazio and Boy should draw some nods.
Kieron Tyler