Don Niño: In the Backyard of Your Mind

Is it still right to describe music as being of the 1960s, of psychedelic climes and groovy times? After all, Niño has a lot in common with others who explore the blurred boundaries between folk, psych and mild electronica. The return of the Stone Roses, for one thing, proves that the thirst for more colour is still there; Beck's still half out-there; and thus music cycles around itself.

The album is at times warped and woozy - 'On The Line', for one - and at others strangely familiar. 'She's Resisting's Gorillaz vocal line is blatant, even down to the delivery, but delivers atmospheric droniness nonetheless. 'Free Birds' is one of quite a few with nods to Beatles-esque acoustic guitar runs with added freakouts, whilst 'Fabulous' anchors a vocal amidst a rolling synthy soundscape, sounds of elves and David Lynch-y vibes.

'Myself By Heart's blend of the ethereal and personal makes it one of the pivotal points on a fourth album that is full of introspection and exploration. It doesn't always hit the mark full on, but then neither does life, does it?

Joe Shooman