Top of the Paps

A new exhibition, 'Brigitte Bardot and the Original Paparazzi', opens on 3 September to 3 October at the James Hyman Gallery in London. Coinciding with London Fashion Week and Bardot's 75th birthday, the exhibition uses the figure of Bardot to trace the development of this now much-maligned genre of photography, and the new images of youth and female sexuality that emerged. And it features plenty of lovely images of BB herself, thankfully with sweat patches not circled.    

Radio On!

The Rockfort radio show returns to the airwaves this autumn. Every Tuesday from 15 September, the original French music radio show will be on 104.4 Resonance FM (www.resonancefm.com) in a brand new 9.30pm-10.30pm slot. It will be the usual mix of music, semi-informed banter, live guests, sessions and interviews. Look out for some changes to the website to coincide with the new season.

Good Neighbours

From 20 September-7 October, the French Institute and the Rio Cinema are hosting 'Neighbours', a cutting-edge season of French films exploring the relationship between contemporary art, cinema and documentary. Film makers including Mathieu Almaric (for his excellent directorial project from 2001, 'Le Stade de Wimbledon') and Bertrand Bonello will be presenting their own films and taking questions after the screenings.

Stag(nant) party!

The Buffalo Bar is hosting The Stagnant Society on 19 September, a night of DJs playing "an international cacophony of psychedelia, garage, soul, R&B, yé-yé, library and wild Hammond: guaranteed to provoke frantic, full-blooded movement from all present!" DJs include Will Kane, of the wordofkane blog and Matt Wood of The Silver Hares. It's free before 11pm and £4 after.

Serging North

Francophile Dutch blogger Guuzbourg has got another compilation up his sleeve to follow 'Gentils Garçons' - it's called 'Gainsnord', and it's a collection of covers of Serge Gainsbourg songs by Dutch and Belgian artists, including Deus's Tom Barman. Guuzbourg told us "It's been 40 years since Je t'aime moi non plus was big hit in Holland one of the longest charting singles in the Netherlands), but after that, like almost everywhere in the world in fact, there was no interest in Serge or his work. Everybody knows Je t'aime, but everyone should know his other great songs too." It's released on 18 September, but in the meantime excerpts of the tracks can be heard here.

Benjamin's Britain

Provider of string arrangements to Mme Sarkozy herself, nouvelle chanson poster boy Benjamin Biolay (the former Mr Chiara Mastroianni and brother of Coralie Clément) has recorded a new album apparently under the influence of UK pop from XTC, The Smiths and Factory Records to The Streets. The title track ‘Le Superbe’, which can currently be heard here, perhaps sounds a little bit like Mike Skinner-goes-chanson, but otherwise it remains to be seen how the other influences will manifest themselves. ‘La Superbe’ will be released on 19 October in France on Naïve, with a tour to follow in 2010. 

Summer Tracks

Parisian alt-rockers Underground Railroad, signed to One Little Indian, are playing their only summer gig at 93 Feet East on Saturday 25 July, and are due to go on stage around midnight. Their last album was 2008's 'Sticks and Stones'.

Barbara's Blog

4AD chanteuse Barbara Carlotti is setting off on her travels for a while to find inspiration for her next album. To chart her progress, Barbara is keeping a blog (in French) to chart her progress, Mes Exils. First stop, Sao Paulo...

Oh Dear

Born Bad has released a limited edition 7-inch by art-rockers Cheveu, ‘Like a Dear in the Headlights’ backed by ‘C’est Ca L’Amour’. The single can be heard here and bought here. The band are playing at MOMA in New York on 18 July and at the Rock En Seine festival on 29 August.

What a Racket

Housse de Racket have released a new single, Synthetisateur (apparently their personal favourite from the 'Forty Love' album) available on iTunes France, and it will also be on iTunes UK on 3 August, with remixes by Van She, Mix Hell, The Teenagers and Das Glow. The band will also be at White Heat at Madame Jo Jo's in Soho on 14 July, at Punk on 16 July, then at Lennon's Club, Southampton on 18 July.